A much faster boot up.

  • In a new fresh installation I checked Vivaldi's boot up time about twice than Edge.
    Enough to get rid of new users imho.

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    @NicolaG This is a very difficult hurdle to overcome. Edge is built in to Windows and, since it uses the same resources as Windows Explorer, it is essentially running all the time - and it uses purely native elements. This means it can start instantly. Other browsers which also use native elements can also start fast, though not as fast as Edge. Vivaldi could not attain the level of flexibility and configurability that it has, especially in the short amount of time it has been under development, if it utilized native elements. It would start faster, but it would basically just be Chrome. It can be what it is, and do what it does, because it has its own UI, a third layer of programming, composed of web technologies. This makes it flexible and powerful, but a bit slow to open. If edge opens in one second and Chrome or firefox in two seconds, then Vivaldi will open in three or four. For someone like me, who depends on the features, this is not only a SMALL price to pay - it is essentially NO price at all. But for some, especially users with older hardware, it is tiresome. However, although some more optimization is still possible, there is really little that can be done, opening three layers of programming versus only half a layer.

  • @NicolaG said in A much faster boot up.:

    about twice than Edge.
    Enough to get rid of new users

    Not if they're Linux users...

  • @Steffie
    I agree. Under Linux Vivaldi has about the same boot time than Firefox.
    Could be a first reasonable target under Windows

  • @nicolag Yet again this forum software failed to notify me of your reply, so i've only found it now, months later, by chance.

    Anyway, it seems that you missed my point. My reply to you was pure sarcasm... you posted in the All Platforms section, yet made a contentious subjective remark [your first post, above] that pertains ONLY to Windows, by definition. Hence my sarcastic retort... Linux users ipso facto don't have to worry or care about Edge or any other MS rubbish. If you wish to compare V against a Windows browser, post in the Windows section pls.

    Anyway, it seems that you fall into the camp of some critics who apparently judge a browser's merit by one criterion; "Vivaldi's boot up time". My rhetorical response is... "so what?". My V seems to open just fine, maybe it could be faster, maybe others are slower, i don't know & i do not care. I open V once, & then it remains open, all day. It remains open when i Suspend my pc at night, & the next morning when i Resume my pc from its sleep, there's V all smiley happy & raring to go hard for me all over again, instantly. And by go hard, i idiomatically allude to its unsurpassed / unmatched capabilities wrt functions & features. Launch speed; pffffft.


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