Speed Dial saved to file/disk

  • It would be nice to be able to save our complete speed-dial set-up as a file for later backup without having to do future syncing.

  • Hi, "Speed Dial" is already part of your bookmark file.
    Iirc icons are stored in Topsite file.
    Help > About show you the path to the files.

    Cheers, mib

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    @mib2berlin I thought of mentioning that, but perhaps user wants to save speed dial setup complete with background, label settings and custom thumbs. That is not yet possible.

  • @mib2berlin Yes if this works then it'll be fine with me as long as it saves me keep setting up dials on new installs etc. I've found the files; top sites, top sites-journal and bookmarks. I've saved these now and I'll these this out next time. I hate the idea of using syncs as I find they rarely work properly, loss data etc I've seen this with both Opera and Firefox so gave up on syncing and prefer files like with old Opera.

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    @uhm top sites journal is irrelevant. The files you want will be bookmarks, top sites and favicons.

  • @Ayespy, hi, I test this on my workstation but only bookmarks work, all thumbnails lost.
    I have custom thumbnails.
    Could it be it doesn´t work with custom?

    Cheers, mib

  • Custom thumbnails are loaded from outside Vivaldi. Therefore they are already backed up. E.g. you can put them on your dropbox and have the custom thumbnail available on any of your desktop/laptops. The only downside is you have to load these thumbnails one by one by adding them to your speed dial.

  • @luetage said in Speed Dial saved to file/disk:

    ... The only downside is you have to load these thumbnails one by one by adding them to your speed dial.

    I have them on my Dropbox but with different path.
    I think Vivaldi should load custom thumbnails if the path is the same.
    We have to wait how "Sync" manage this, otherwise ...
    /me think about a Feature Request

    Thanks and cheers, mib

  • Hello,
    I also wanted to save the configuration of speed dial somewhere as a backup. It isn't clear to me from what I read here if this is possible. I have edit the speed dial page and I added some folders and bookmarks there. Is this configuration stored in some files/folders that I can copy them to another location as a backup? I tried the bookmarks, favicons and topsites files in "Default" folder. Then I renamed that folder and start vivaldi to create a new "Default" folder. Then I copied these files to the new created folder, but when I restarted vivaldi, speed dial had the default configuration, so these files don't store speed dial configuration.

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    @dancaer69 It's not really possible. There is a file that contains it, but it also contains a mess of stuff relative only to its current instance of Vivaldi - so it's not practical to transfer it. It can cause crashes. You may have to wait for sync, which is under heavy development as we speak.

  • Thanks, I'll wait then.


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