vivaldi browser task consume my net speed

  • vivaldi brwoser task is consume all my net speed and i don't know how to stop it ?! there is any solution for this problem ?!
    like the picture my net speed is toooooooooo slow 😕

    alt text

  • i forget this the picture

  • The native Vivaldi processes shown in your Task Manager picture don't themselves usually slow down the network speed of the browser unless the computer lacks enough RAM. However, extensions (which each requires its own process) can slow things down because of their interactions with the browser, especially if the extensions frequently communicate online themselves or if they consume extensive RAM. Also, using a VPN can slow a system down considerably, depending on the VPN provider and how his VPN is operated. Likewise, each open tab creates its own process and consumes added RAM, so having many tabs open can cause a lot of RAM demand and slow things down if there isn't plenty of RAM.


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