Vivaldi Sync Livestream revisited!

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    Last week Julien had his very first streamed code session here at Vivaldi. You got to see him work on Vivaldi Sync live (yes, Sync is coming!) and learnt more about the development process behind it.

    Click here to see the full blog post

  • So awesome! The one feature I've been waiting so long for! Also (I know this isn't on the forefront) but after Sync becomes a thing, hopefully a mobile browser ends up on the horizon as well 🙂

  • Thanks for your work. Is 6 months a realistic time frame for Sync?

  • Many thanks for the thorough explanation, glad to see where this is going.
    Sync is going to be particularly useful for when a mobile Vivaldi arrives 🙂

  • Vivaldi Translator

    For me, the format wasn't ideal :
    It was a bit long, and we couldn't follow all you were doing, especially since we don't have access to the same code as you (JS). Digging in someone else code is hard enough, but following you, as you were a fast and efficient coder, was nearly impossible for me. I understood what you wanted to do, at a higher level, but I couldn't follow the code.
    Moreover, the sound was awful, which made it so much harder to follow what you said (I had to amp up the sound to 11 to hear you).

    I think a good format would be a one hour overview over a part of the code, where you (or another dev) would explain how a specific feature (or bug, or whatever) would work. It would also be ideal to answer questions from the chat. Having a better back and forth, a better interactivity.
    That's just my 2c 🙂

    In any case, a better mic, and learning how to use it is paramount 😉

  • J'attends aussi avec impatience la sync.

    pour le live, il serait bien d'utiliser un vrai micro professionnel ou un micro casque de bonne qualité, car sur le live le son était assez faible

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @axander: As always, it will be released WIR (When It's Ready) 😉

  • This is gonna be amazing! I hope sync will come this year! The only thing I wish it would have been able to come with is Vivaldi specific preferences(themes, keyboard shortcuts, backgrounds, etc. etc.), as that takes a long time to set it all up. Also, it doesn't look like history was mentioned. Is that going to be at a later version of sync?

    Once we get sync, Vivaldi will be a full-fledged browser in the world of modern browsers(and then will eventually reach the point O12 was at, and then surpass that). And once we get an Android version, we'll be able to seamlessly go between our desktop and mobile versions, which I'm hoping comes not too long after sync.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @d0j0p: From O12, right now, I'm missing a lot of things, but especially performances.

    As for what is/will be syncable, along the full length of the video (5h), Julien almost succeeded to add tabs sync. So I'm not too worried about what is and will be syncable. The big issue is more backend coding/stability/performances/security/...

  • I would like to see the next live streams on YouTube without the need of using flash. Also video quality is not great, text is blurry in Firefox.

  • @Cqoicebordel Yes, performance in some areas of Vivaldi is something I want improved as well. V's CPU/RAM usage went down with the last version, and in 1.11 it's also gotten lower. That's great to have after the last few versions before that had more resource usage for me. And with this new snapshot with Chromium 60, I feel like Vivaldi is a little snappier as well.

    But there are a few performance improvements I'd like to see. For one, if you have animations on, you can see the opening/closing tab animations, especially if you have lots of tabs, are a little stuttery. It's not like Chrome's/Firefox's/Opera's opening/closing tab animations that are buttery smooth no matter what. That's something that needs to be improved.

    Another thing is the tab popup thumbnails. I know it's supposed to work like O12's, but it doesn't really work the same. I much prefer O12's fluid animation that moves from the tab itself, and forms the thumbnail. So pretty and easy to look at. Vivaldi's animation is fast, but it's jarring. You go from one tab's thumbnail to another and the thumbnail "jumps", taking you a second for your eyes to set on the thumbnail and see what it looks like. The problem is worse when you hover over stacked tabs, and stacked tabs have difficulty getting rid of the thumbnail view when you have a lot of tabs and you want to stop looking at them.

    That, and the address bar autocomplete needs huge improvements to be like FF's/Opera's. Then I think Vivaldi will have amazing performance like any other browser. What do you think?

    And the fact that Julien almost succeeded in how many of the things he was able to add in the 5hr video is very reassuring!

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Awesome! But what do you exactly mean by "Tabs"? Sessions?

  • When I try to watch the video on LIvestream I get a 'cannot be played on this browser or device', same if I try Firefox. Any thoughts nice Vivaldi people?

  • Question: What is Vivaldi’s implementation of Sync based on? When enabled, is it going to pick up the data from one of the synced clients and overwrite the others with the data, or is it going to collect the data from all the synced clients into a server and so not going to overwrite any of the existing data?
    Answer: Vivaldi Sync is based on the Chromium sync code with some modification and uses the same protocol. The data to be synced is encrypted, then sent to a central server from which it can be requested from all other Vivaldi instances from the same user. Some merging then takes place on the client to ensure that everything remains consistent.

    The answer didn't really fully explain how consistency is maintained without risk of stuff getting wrongly overwritten.

    Example: There's entry #1234 on the sever (I'm guessing entries get a non-shown database key). On the server it has a last-updated timestamp of "Jan. 1". It gets updated independently by two clients, while they're offline: on Client A on Feb. 1 and on Client B on Feb. 2, each updating the bookmark to have a different changed address field. Upon reconnecting to the server, do the clients communicate to the server that each entry was changed with a "previous synched change: Jan. 1", so that the server knows to resolve the conflict by splitting Entry #1234 into two database entries, the existing #1234 and a new bookmark #5678?

    Or will the server just go with with the most recent (Feb. 2) one? (That wouldn't be good, IMO.)

  • 2 thing that I m waited to the death from vivaldi

    1. Synch (now WIP)
    2. Vivaldi Turbo (like an opera turbox)...i don't know when tho...

    Thanks for your hard work

  • So, do we have any news about when this sync feature will be implemented?

  • Moderator

    @harf4ng said in Vivaldi Sync Livestream revisited!:

    do we have any news about when this sync feature will be implemented

    It is implemented, but not released for public. We are on heavy testing.

  • @gwen-dragon Great news thanks. Any ETA? (just estimate, like what, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year?)
    Just came back to vivaldi, and I like it a lot, especially the possibility to put tabs one on another and then display them side by side, great to compare two pages or to have two pages at once for reference...

  • Moderator

    @harf4ng ETAs are not offered. Let's say less than a year.

  • Moderator

    @harf4ng Perhaps 3 months, but that is my personal guess not a ETA.


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