High speed internet test won't work

  • I just noticed when I tried to do a high speed internet test on any site, I get a blank page saying "right click to run Adobe Flash Player." I've got that installed already in the extensions. Maybe someone could extend a hand as to overcoming this problem?

  • @Andoheb Oh my! Oh my!!! I closed down the amazing Vivaldi and yes, yes things are working ok now. Apparently Vivaldi simply needed to be burped. All can now take a deep breath and relax now.

  • Hi, may be Flash is disabled in:


    Can you please add a link to a test page?

    Cheers, mib

  • All can now take a deep breath and relax now.

    Can't, I'm still paralysed from this shocking experience.

  • As stated miby, after the closing of Vivaldi and starting it again, the problem disappeared.
    Luetage, usually it takes up to 20 minutes for the paralyzing effects to pass. Then you'll feel like your old self again and thus be able to breath easier. 🙂


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