Suggestion: Visual Feedback for Hibernated Tabs

  • This is a pretty simple suggestion, I commonly have dozens of tabs open at once for various projects and I'll often hibernate stacks corresponding to projects I'm not currently working on to save resources. I often forget if I have already hibernated a stack though and it would be nice to have some visual feedback indicating a tab is hibernated such as if it was greyed out or something.

  • @CannonFodder64 vivaldi://settings/tabs/ Tick "dim icon when hibernated". It's a visual clue, but it's probably not enough.

  • If you are willing to customize Vivaldi it's easy enough to change this to make it more obvious. Currently the favicon is dimmed and the tab's text is semi-transparent. For example an "H" for hibernated could be added on the right side, or even a custom icon.


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