Bug (appears to be fixed): Extra Dev Tools window opens if user presses command-c in Dev Tools

  • [b]2015.03.26 Update: As of v., the shortcut no longer crashes Vivaldi, but instead opens up extra Developer Tools window. Still doesn't copy anything. See further details [url=https://vivaldi.net/en-US/forum/vivaldi-browser-for-mac/2069-bug-vivaldi-will-crash-if-the-user-presses-command-c-in-the-element-inspector-or-console#21876]in the third post of this thread[/url].[/b] [color=#00bb00][b][size=4]2015.04.20 Update: I see in v., the problems appear to now be fixed.[/size][/b][/color] Old bug description kept for reference: [color=#aaa]Bug: Vivaldi will crash if the user presses command-c in the element inspector or console I have already reported this via the [url=https://vivaldi.com/bugreport.html]bug report form[/url]. I'm just copy & pasting here so that any others searching the forums for the same bug can confirm to themselves that it has already been reported (as, owing to the absence of a public bug tracker, the form still suggests searching the forums for prior reports). 1. Go to any webpage 2. Right-click on any element and click inspect element 3. Press [⌘command]-c Expected outcome: copy selection to system clipboard. Result instead: Vivaldi immediately crashes. This happens if trying to copy from the console, too. OS X v. 10.10.2 Vivaldi v. (Developer Build) [size=2](Note: This could conceivably have some relation to another crash bug, [url=https://vivaldi.net/en-US/forum/suggestion-box/983-crashing-while-using-code-inspector]"Crashing while using code inspector (Crashes specifically while dbl clicking html elements inside the code editor)"[/url], misfiled in the [i]Vivaldi Community site feedback[/i] subforum. However, I haven't been able to replicate that bug.)[/size]

  • I have the same issue. The last times when I select the option to reopen Vivaldi, I have the screen in dimmed (see attachment) and I can only exit from that screen by quitting Vivaldi and start it again

  • Update: The problematic behavior has now changed. (As there's no indication in the update notes that this issue has received attention yet, this alteration was likely a side effect of the update to Chromium 41, since Vivaldi uses Chromium's Developer Tools.)

    Starting with, and continuing into , instead of crashing, Vivaldi now opens up a new Development Tools window any time you press ⌘-c in Dev Tools (and nothing is copied to clipboard). This is not due to an explicit Dev Tools shortcut (list can be seen by clicking on the gear icon in upper right of the Dev Tools).

    By the way, perhaps I should add: In the Developer Tools, ⌘-x also doesn't cut and ⌘-v doesn't paste, although at least they don't produce _un_expected effects like ⌘-c does. ⌘-z (undo typing) does work, however.


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