Where can I find bookmarks and speed dial files after uninstalling Vivaldi

  • So, I ended up uninstalling vivaldi after using it for a few months. Where can I find my vivaldi bookmarks and speed dial files? Is it even possible to find them at this point?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Lost, you should have exported them to html and backed up BEFORE uninstalling.
    Uninstalling means to delete the progam and its data.

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    @GaryR If you didn't uninstall the directory (which a normal uninstall will not do) then everything will still be in the Vivaldi/User Data/Default folder. The location of that folder will depend on what kind of install you did.

  • @Ayespy Here's what happened: The F1 key was accidentally pressed for like 10 seconds and some billion new tabs were opened. This caused the browser to completely freeze. I had to terminate the program from the task manager and then when I would try to reopen it again, it would still freeze after loading the speed dial page. Before uninstalling it, I rebooted the machine, but that made no bloody difference.

    Anyhow, where do I find the Vivaldi/User Data folder?

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    @GaryR For a normal installation, it's:

    C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default

    If you're still using the same Windows user profile, your bookmarks (which included speed dial), cookies, favicons, passwords (file called login data), etc. are intact.

    DO NOT try to recover any files called tabs or session because that's where your endless tab-set is.

    And, Oh yeah, if you want to re-install Vivaldi in that location, rename or move the "Default" folder first.

  • @Ayespy The folder is gone. Well... I guess I'll wait until Vivaldi gets sync before I give it another try.


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