Ahoy!!! A fresh snapshot with critical media fixes and a brand-new icon is here! – Snapshot 1.11.901.3

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    @mariap said:

    Today’s snapshot is no less than a summer treat for you with several improvements including some major media fixes.

    Another highlight of this snapshot is our freshly designed V squircle. This new snazzy squircle makes its debut and from now onwards it is our updated application icon.

    Known issue

    • [Linux] Save password prompt does not show up VB-29962


    • [New] Update Vivaldi Application Icon and Windows Installer backgrounds VB-29965
    • [New] Default shortcut for Reader Mode (Alt+R) VB-23507
    • [Media][Mac] Fixed TED.com videos do not play VB-29798
    • [Media][Windows] Fixed Too fast audio on TED.com VB-29809
    • [Media] Windows 7 more fixes
    • [Regression] Notes are sorted in reverse order VB-29831
    • [Search Engines] Update moves modified engines towards end of list VB-29828
    • Permissions are not asked for when a permission is used VB-29930
    • Wrong extension behaviour between Private and Non-private window VB-28010
    • Updated Chromium to 60.0.3112.55



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