Bookmark Export and Import, Session Manager in Vivaldi

  • Glad to see Bookmarks and Sessions features which are ignored in other browsers, Bookmark bar can support single click activation. Also would be nice if sessions can be saved on a file.

  • @dericka
    You can access export/import of bookmarks via vivaldi menu --> file or click in the bookmarks window on the button "import".
    If you mean a session manager for your saved sessions you can access them by pressing "F2" and type session to bring up the menu for saving and restoring them.
    Oh and in addition you can also press "F2" and type export or import to bring up the menu for export/import bookmarks.
    Is this what you were searching for or did I misunderstood your question?

  • Thanks for your response, Sorry I am back after a while so misunderstood, Will post a modified version, I will be deleting this post shortly if possible.


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