Crash when selecting links in applications from desktop apps

  • For some reason.. it seems every time I update the browser, something internally gets corrupted and causes this crash of the browser and extensions with a popup saying "Vivaldi is Unresponsive. Relaunch?". The only way I can fix this issue is to completely remove Vivaldi, then reinstall it with the latest version. I am using Vivaldi 1.10.867.46 for Windows 10 (64bit).

  • Strange, it could happen but it's quite rare...
    Do you have any extension? Or apps? vivaldi://apps
    They sometimes stays in background, and I suspect some of them could lock vivaldi.

    Could be also a 3rd party security software.. do you use any? It's vivaldi in their whitelist?

  • The only app I have is Gmail Offline and I do have a good bit of extensions (AdBlock Plus, Avast Online Security, Avast SafePrice, Category Tabs for Google Keep, Google Docs Offline, HTTPS Everywhere, Ink for Google, LastPass, Office Editing for Docs, Sheets &Slides, Reddit Enchancement Suite, RSS Feed Reader. Shortcuts for Google, and Tampermonkey). I also use Avast + Windows Defender Offline but neither say anything about blocking Vivaldi

    Vivaldi is allowed on Avast.. but I'm not sure how to whitelist Vivaldi on Windows Defender

  • @NovaViper
    Personally, I find Windows Defender to be quite the horror, I would disable it if I were you. Try adding the Vivaldi directories to the exceptions list in Avast, it might help.

  • Moderator

    @dinosw Avast has been known to directly mess with Vivaldi. Have not seen that with Windows Defender. I stopped using 3rd party security apps some years ago, as they have proven in every instance sooner or later to be "quite the horror." I have yet to find one (and I tried for over a decade) that does not slow normal machine operations and eventually throw some huge monkey wrench into the works somewhere.

    (And before you ask, the only time my machine has been infected was when I WAS using a 3p security system. That was over a decade ago now.)

  • @Ayespy It seems the bug has stopped as I excluded the vivaldi.exe and the update_notifier.exe in Avast. If I spot the bug again I'll report it


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