Does Bookmarks Bar seem weird only for me?

  • If I right-click at bookmarks bar's sub-folder,
    menus like open/open in new tab/.../new folder/copy/cut/paste/delete don't appear.
    (I didn't experience this kind of problem when using Google Chrome)

    But it works fine with bookmarks panel.
    To re-organize my bookmarks, I have to use bookmarks panel.

    I'm using Vivaldi 64bit version.

  • Moderator

    @viva3310 That's the way it is. There are many previous posts on this topic. The Bookmarks Bar is still unpolished. It's fine for using bookmarks, it is not designed for organising bookmarks.

    The behaviour of the Bookmarks Bar (Personal Bar) in Opera 12.17 is the same even after 20 years of development. Fixing it is not important as it's easy to use the Bookmarks Panel or Bookmarks tab for organising bookmarks — there are many other issues that need to be addressed before this. Even a Bookmarks Menu is still missing.

  • @Pesala Thanks for quick and clear reply!


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