Downloaded files order (solved)

  • Why did you change the order in which the downloaded files were displayed in the Downloads list?
    It was very convenient BEFORE to click the most recent file which was on TOP of the list.
    Now it is VERY inconvenient to scroll to the bottom or even move the cursor to the bottom of the list.
    PLEASE change back.

    SOLVED !

  • You can change your sort order yourself, click in the title and/or the ^/v symbol...

  • @iAN-CooG , thanks - the problem is that this ^/v symbol is hidden and only can be seen if you change the width of the panel. I couldn't find this symbol until now while playing with the width. Maybe the developers should make this symbol "always visible" .

  • Moderator

    @dentm Yes, it is a bug in non-english language having longer titles in sort bar.
    I reported this as bug VB-30062.
    Thanks for hint!


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