Malicious ways of nicknames and sayings

  • hello Quinca7
    When sharing with our daughter verbalizing in conversation the context of these posts of butterfingers she said "I heard that today. In the elvator. A lady dropped her keys. When picking them up she uttered butterfingers."

  • @i_ri

    In that case, "Mão-Mole" (floppy hands or fingers) meets, even poorly, the meaning, doesn't it?

  • When a person, usually because of arrogance or conceit, offers a better way or format to do what another person has done or is doing, and makes it worse, here it can be said: "the amendment came out worse than the sonnet" ( "pior a emenda do que o soneto"). Is there something similar in English?

  • When, for the same usual reasons as above, someone proposes to do something beyond his knowledge, and fails shamefully: "Shoemaker, do not go beyond the shoes." ("Não vá o sapateiro além dos sapatos").

  • Another, to the same situation immediately above: "I just hang my hat where my arm reaches," but avoiding self overestimation.

  • Seesaw - Person whose financial situation fluctuates a lot.

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  • Hey, @TbGbe , you were afraid of the content of the themes that would be put here, eh? See how it is more for peri tales. Take a deep breath of relief! hehe

  • @i_ri said in Malicious ways of nicknames and sayings:

    hello Quinca71
    we watched a December 2017 film yesterday. in the dialogue this nickname is used: butterfingers

    I'd rather you did not make that extra because I did not keep my intentions (I was unfaithful in preserving them, so I'm a butterfingers). But if you meant it, you're well placed. I accept it and think I deserve it.

    I noticed that a few days ago. But only now I decided to say. Hugs

  • hello Quinca71

    no incrimination.
    a nickname: Star

  • Epithets:


    Nothing refined. Sorry.
    But incisive and (very) expressive. It is the "rude plebs" who really knows how to do it.
    Refers to extremely unpleasant individuals. Verbalized as: "So-and-so is a 'Kick-in-the-Scrotum'". In PtBR: "Fulano de Tal é um 'Pé-no-Saco'!".

    Editing and adding: For us, speakers of Brazilian Portuguese, is understood as a kick received in our own scrotum. Nothing cool hehe.
    Applied to men and women.

    Attention! Answers like "you're one of those" are forbidden! 0_1524526855876_mh7.gif


    To make contrast with the above.
    For people who are the extreme opposite of the previous ones. Also valid for women and, interestingly, for men; in this case, it is not debauchery, it is a precious compliment.
    It is said: "So-and-so is 'A-Lady'!". In PtBr: "Fulano (ou Fulana) de Tal é 'Uma-Dama'!".

  • About keeping secrecy

    A secret between three keepers can be preserved if two of them are dead.
    Quoted from memory, possibly non-textual. Picked up in "Help" from my email client program. Shakespeare?

  • Literary criticism:

    The doctor, closing his clinic, began to write. Profit for their patients. Loss for literature.

    From the famous Brazilian literary critic of the past, Agripino Grieco. Also quoted from memory. The phrase in Portuguese: "O médico, parando de clinicar, passou a escrever. Lucraram os pacientes. Perdeu a literatura."

  • @quinca71 said in Malicious ways of nicknames and sayings:

    About keeping secrecy

    A secret between three keepers can be preserved if two of them are dead.
    Quoted from memory, possibly non-textual. Picked up in "Help" from my email client program. Shakespeare?

    A similar saying
    " A secret known to 2 people is no longer a secret" :D

  • From the folklore of the local Secondary High School, in the days of my adolescence.

    A student, also adolescent, famous for his presence of mind, was being submitted to the final oral test in one of the didactic subjects of the curriculum.

    All he had in terms of presence of mind was lacking in terms of success in his studies. It was attributed to his proverbial laziness and temperament of little case for serious things. All geniuses have their Achilles heel.

    Wherever he was, there was usually a small crowd, sometimes larger, of his colleagues, usually admirers. In that occasion, it was not different.

    The teacher who was examining him had been victim of one of his surprising sayings. Which has had present the habitual followers, watching and listening.

    This teacher was smiling, crudely happy, because the pupil was being a complete flunk in the test.

    Already almost at the end of the irrevocable failure, the master, wanting a sadistic revenge, as the servant of snacks was passing, shouted: Hey, servant, bring me a bundle of pasture grass, haha.

    Immediately, imperturbably and wrapped in a flash of evil light, the student shouted at the servant: And, for me, please, a cup of coffee.

  • On someone very ugly the plebs can say: This guy seems to be inside out. Applicable to men and, sadly, there is no mercy for the ladies.

  • For donations with intentions of hidden advantages:

    When the almsgiving is too great, the Saint distrusts.

    (For alms donated to an image of a saint, usually of the Catholic church, but applicable in general occurrences of the species).

  • When someone commits so many errors that is considered irrecoverable person:

    The wooden stick that is born crooked crooked dies.

  • Positions and public sections created for the purpose of giving income to political "godchildren": job hanger.

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