• [b]MUSIC[/b] POST-ROCK MOGWAI Rave Tapes (2014) [url=]web[/url] "The Lord is Out of Control" (Official Video) [video][/video]

  • Good morning,

    Is music and culture going to include classical music?


  • hello all
    good music than this band Mogwai a bit resemblance to Sigur Rös sometimes

  • Yes, why not?

    If you think this is a good place for ir or wanna create another topic…

    I liker too much classic music too.

    I think is a good idea present each post with the music style:


    I like too much NEW CLASSICAL MUSIC like this:

    "Opus 54" - Dustin O'Halloran MDV Berlin Studio Session

    Are you ok? Thanks :)

  • Hi catse, yes this band, Mogwai, has similarities with Sigur Ros.
    This kind of music is called "post-rock".


  • As I browse my collection (yes, I have a physical collection of CDs, DVDs and vinyl), I see artists from Acker Bilk to Frank Zappa.

    A lot of Classical, Blues, Rock…

  • i think i like a lot of music ( except classic and opera , sorry Simone :) )
    for me the music is good to listen or not after what is it …

  • Classic Rock
    The Doobie Brothers –- Listen to the Music

    Don't you feel it growin', day by day
    People gettin' ready for the news
    Some are happy, some are sad
    Oh, we got to let the music play

    What the people need
    Is a way to make 'em smile
    It ain't so hard to do if you know how
    Gotta get a message
    Get it on through
    Oh, now mama's go'n' to after 'while

    Oh, oh, listen to the music
    Oh, oh, listen to the music
    Oh, oh, listen to the music
    All the time.

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