Custom Scrollbar not applying to webpages.

  • I'm currently working on customizing my Vivaldi, however, I am running into issues with the Scrollbar customization.

    I was able to change the bars appearance for unwebsite related pages such as Setting/History/Bookmarks and so on.

    However, when I'm navigating on web pages the bar returns to default styles. I understand that the browsers sometimes have their own Scrollbar appearance but I can't seem to find any traces of my custom settings being reverted when inspecting it.

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue or have figured out a way to resolve this?

    Thanks in advance.

  • That's because you can only change the scrollbars of internal sites from within Vivaldi. If you want to change it for websites too you will have to run an additional extension or userscript.

    Example userstyle:


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