Option: Display Tabs as Text or Thumbnail

  • I like very much the addon 'Vertical Tabs for Firefox with tab tree, which allows much more overview using a lot of tabs. The function of vertical presentation of all tabs is still integrated in Vivaldi. The tab stacks are also a useful function.

    I'm only missing the option to switch between text and thumbnail presentation of the tabs, as I don't need always an image of the internet side. For me it would be enough to see the tab stacks in this case (with text display) also as a text tree, permitting to open and close the tree.

  • Hi, setting is in Tabs > Tab Display > Show Popup ....
    No idea about tab tree text.

    Cheers, mib

  • @mib2berlin

    I thank you very much for your tip. This solves in great part my problem as my tabs are now represented by a simple text headline. This permits a clearer arrangement with much more tabs per page. The pop up windows in this configuration are still available, when passing over the tabs with the cursor.

    In the mean time I was studding an external solution, called 'Tab Outliner', with powerful tree functions. But I prefer the integrated display of tabs for starting to use Vivaldi. Thanks to your help I'm now convinced to leave Firefox as main browser.


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