Vivaldi Speed Dial transparency

  • I was thinking, about making floating Icons for the Speed Dial.

    Floating Icons would be Icons that have no background at all, you would only see the Icon and you Background with no color that is behind the Icon. Currently when i create icons that use no background color vivaldi will use the set background of your browser and layer it behind the icon.

    My Question now is, is it possible to create this style using the costume css for Vivaldi and if so can someone help me figure this out ?

    It should look something like this. (last two Icons)

    alt text

  • Thanks, wasn't aware that there was already something like this.

  • I wouldn't run them completely transparent, but an opacity of .3/.4 is reasonable if you are using icons. Just set the opacity on hover a little higher and you get a nice pop effect on mouseover.

  • @luetage Even with full transparency there's a nice popup effect on mouseover.


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