Vivaldi constantly opening home page when using Alt + Tab / settings reset when updating

  • Dear Vivaldi Dev team,

    I love this browser but I really, truly hate the following things that it does:

    • I use Alt + Tab a lot and for some reason, after switching back to the Vivaldi browser, the tab that I was looking forward to seeing after switching, is gone and instead has reverted back to the home page. I then have to go looking for that tab in the history again. This is painful and counterproductive and that is being polite about it

    • Every single time I update the browser (after being informed that there is an update) it reverts back to previous or unknown settings with a different theme and colours. Why does it do this? As a result, I have stopped updating as it is time consuming and very irritating to do this every time.

    • Also, I cannot search directly from address bar and when I do, it takes me to my home page. I was able to do this in the past on another computer.

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