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  • Hi, I just got back into using vivaldi I tried it long ago before 1.0 and at that time it was really lacking and buggy so I went back to firefox. Anyway now things are looking much better, performance is far better then firefox so really liking that. At first several default settings were not good for me but luckily I didnt walk away to soon as I found fixes for that by adjusting things in the options. Though there is still one important option and really one IMO should be standard in each browser and thats always open files of this type. From others asking this same question it looks like vivaldi does not support it but those were old posts, so I am hoping it has been added by now but hidden? or is there an add-on that will add this feature?

    When downloading torrent I like the file to automatically load in the torrent client without all those extra clicks. At this point I am having to go back to firefox just to get downloads and having to bounce between browsers for a common task is getting rather tedious and I thought I would ask here before just switching back to firefox. Thanks

  • @andyone
    This is not possible yet. But it is on the to do list of the developers. My guess is that we still need to be patient until this will be implemented because vivaldi is developed only by a small team.

  • @zaibon

    Thanks, I was afraid of that. I will have to check in on vivaldi progress next year and try it again then.


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