Speed dial thumbnails from the web

  • I like the option to set different thumbnails for speed dial. However, when I originally set them up I googled some suitable images, copy/pasted the link and then pasted the link into the dialog when selecting the custom image. (This is windows 7 btw)

    This worked great, but a couple of times I have found my thumbnails have just vanished - the last time today when I updated to the new vivaldi.

    I'm guessing it's because behind the scenes, windows downloads these images to a temp location that then gets trashed. But I wonder if this is something vivaldi could just support? I know I'm just being lazy but it feels like it is a reasonable use case.

    (If I was being really needy I'd say it would be nice to be able to crop and zoom the image to fit but that's maybe taking it a step too far..)


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