Proposal to reduce the menu strips

  • Hi folks, as the post title i would ask if it's possibile reduce the height of the Forum Menu's (green square) to leaving space for the Forum address/root Menu (red square) to fix it and leave it visible while scroll Forum pages.
    0_1499435698272_Vivaldi Forum - Proposal to reduce Menu stripes.png
    In few words I would like the Menu (in red sqaure) also will be always visibile, but this reduce of course the space, so maybe it need some height reduce overall...
    Another simple way could be a full address on top (with Linux Mint I already have this)
    0_1499437055515_Vivaldi Forum - Proposal to reduce Menu stripes (2).png

  • I wrote code to hide the header on scroll, because I think the forums take up too much vertical space on small screens. Your idea would need more space than the status quo, even if the height of the header and main-nav would be somewhat reduced. Don't think it makes much sense to enable this for everyone, but you can probably write an extension, which does exactly what you want.

  • @luetage thanks for reply, unluckly I don't manage code or script. Anyway, as I post later a full link on the top could be helpful.


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