what's being worked on (reported bugs)?

  • I love the browser, use it 100% of the time apart from occasional page reads using Edge. My suggestion is for transparency: I see moderators encouraging people to file bug reports but I see no way to know what happens to those reports. each has a number and I assume that it wouldn't be a big deal for developers to tick which ones they'd worked on in a given day, and that would then be easily enough translated into a live "top 20" table so users who submitted reports could see whether anything was afoot with them.

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    @aach1 Changelogs contain any bugs of note that were fixed. There's no plan at the moment to publish or maintain a public bug tracker. If you have filed a bug and want to know its status, you can always ask a mod or team member. You can also send followup emails in response to the one you get notifying you that that bug was received.

  • @Ayespy thanks for all that. appreciated. Please just take my comment as a request that there SHOULD be a plan to publish a very limited bug tracker (I'm not after full-blown bugzilla, just a table of what's had some attention). That would save a whole lot of emailing. If you really want to get emails and have to chase up on bug number X, I'll be happy to oblige. Actually - no, I won't be happy to oblige, because that feels like harassing people who I know are busy. That's part of the point of the request.

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    @aach1 said in what's being worked on?:

    as a request that there SHOULD be a plan to publish a very limited bug tracker

    But such tracker is more work for bug fixing develepers to decide what is for public. That is time consuming, and that would be missing for programming and fixing.
    And if only the state of bug (added by a date) be visible to the public there would be many people asking unpatiently or angry why the bug is not fixed after so and so many days weeks.
    The internal testers try to answer questions about bugs and reply, but their time is limited as most of them do this in their free time and they are not paid for the help.

    I guess in Vivaldi Request thread there may be a request for users already wanting a (restricted) public tracker. Please Have a look in the forum .

  • @Gwen-Dragon Let me explain my thought a bit more.

    Re. time consuming - the developers are using Jira to take bug reports. So given what I know about Jira, it is surely a few minutes work per week to generate a small table, with bugs that have been worked on, and post that on the forum once per week. Yes it's time consuming but if a few minutes makes a difference, I guess Vivaldi needs more developers!

    Re. the request - I did not suggest that only the state of a bug, and a date, be displayed. I am suggesting that a date and some estimate of the time devoted to it is displayed, and then only for (say) the top 20 bugs.

    Re. people's state of mind - at the moment, Vivaldi is leaving people to make up for themselves whether their precious bug report is getting the level of attention that they feel it deserves. People have pretty good imaginations, so you're already in this problem. I see no reason at all why more information would result in more impatience or even anger. We all know you're doing a lot of work. All I'm suggesting is to give us a bit of a view of what is getting the time. Seriously - it can't hurt.

    Final comment - I was encouraged by I think Ayespy, to send an email to the bug list to see what had happened with my own pet report, which of course is the most important report ever filed! I did that but to be honest I would be LESS likely to have done that if I'd been able to see a list of the top ones getting worked on, and the developers would have had to spend less time responding (if indeed they have). Given the list, I might have understood that there were more pressing things.

    Summary - sorry, but I stick to my request. I don't think it's much work, I don't think it results in angrier or more impatient users than you already have (quite the opposite) and it would be sight more transparent than (say) Microsoft or Apple.

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    @aach1 "...but if a few minutes makes a difference, I guess Vivaldi needs more developers!"

    Yes that is absolutely true. Vivaldi does need more developers. But as Jon is paying the freight directly out of his own pocket, we will have to make do with with however many developers he can afford.

  • @Ayespy yes understood of course. It was a bit of a rhetorical point - I don't think my request would take more than a few minutes for a Jira-savvy person to fulfil so I was questioning whether the objection raised - that it would take time away from developing code - was really valid.

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    @aach1 If you have such requests for a bugtracker enhancement please report it and explain precisely what is missing for you.
    Please do this in Feature thread and in a bugtracker report at https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/

    How to make a feature request for Vivaldi
    If you think your problem can be solved by a missing feature, please add a request at https://forum.vivaldi.net/category/48/features-requests in the corresponding thread for your browser version.

  • @Gwen-Dragon thanks for the suggestion. I will happily go ahead and file a feature request, though I hope it's clear from the discussion above that I'm not requesting a browser feature but an addition to the forum. I won't file a bug report because we're talking about a lack, not a bug.

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    @aach1 said in what's being worked on (reported bugs)?:

    I won't file a bug report because we're talking about a lack, not a bug.

    Do it, please!, the bugtracker has a dropdown for feature requests.
    After such report the responsible team parts can discuss your wish internally.

  • @Gwen-Dragon hokay. done. thanks for the advice.


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