Speed dial columns error/bug

  • Hi, the 12 columns max (or 8, or 6) doesn't work for me, always set five:


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    @MortenAnakin Column numbers are "maximum," not absolute. Speed dial sizes are fixed, and column numbers are proportional to the space on the display.

  • But if I keep adding markers i have to scroll down to see it, there is no more columns..

  • 0_1499381058638_Cap06072017001.jpg

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    @MortenAnakin Correct. Adjustable size thumbnails will come later.

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    @MortenAnakin For now you could zoom out the user interface, and your number of columns would increase - but it's not a very satisfactory solution.

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  • I don't understand, how you do it? The picture is exactly what i want...

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    @MortenAnakin I guarantee you it's not what you want. But it may serve to some degree.

    Go to Menu/settings/appearance and slide the User Interface Zoom slider. It will shrink your start page, thus increasing your column numbers, but it will also shrink your menus, favicons, tool bars and tabs. Still, you might find a balance you like without going blind. I keep it at 90% on my laptop.

  • Mmm, I really don't like all the other things.. I'll wait to the developers fix or add more options to the speed dial.. Very thanks for the help! :)

  • I can't display more than 5 columns even if I set 8 columns

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    @ismendoza Did you read any of the comments above? All of your questions are answered.

  • @Ayespy Yes I did it, But Vivaldi must to know there are lot of people with same issue, Why did I join the forum? to get that kind of answers? That is an issue too, your kind of people

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    @ismendoza The need for re-sizable thumbnails has been known, and repeated over and over by various users, for a couple of years. Far from devaluing your input, I'm trying to let you know that it's already keenly felt by the developers. They have some relatively HUGE projects in the oven right now, and are unable to attend to all of the niceties of Speed Dial configuration at the moment. However, due to the saturation-level this request has enjoyed over the several recent months, you may rest assured it will be attended to at the earliest reasonable moment. Your naked assertion that what is already very well known by everyone, is true, led me to think you might not have absorbed the information which preceded it, ie, "Adjustable size thumbnails will come later." There is a reason for the word "later" in that sentence, and that reason is that a very small team is loaded down with numerous very large tasks.

    I was chatting with a developer the other day, and she casually mentioned that she would be able to take a look at what I was talking about when the 90 (count 'em 90) bugs that she currently had assigned to her were cleared off her plate. And her area of responsibility is very narrow at the moment.

    There are, as I mentioned, HUGE projects in the works. At the same time, there are thousands of un-handled bugs to attend to. Hence, re-sizable thumbs (about which developers are acutely aware) will be addressed "later." Thank you for your positive attitude, sunny disposition, and patience. :grinning:

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