I never wanted emails from any of these forums. I have all of it, somehow. I want unsubbed from all.

  • :pinch: I have so much vivaldi email it's mind-boggling. I can't figure out how to unsub from them all or whether unsubbing is even what I need to do. I want ALL the emails to stop.Every. Single. One. Of. Them. Why did I get a sudden deluge of all these emails? Who set this up? I went in at one point and clicked not to get email on about 50 options (who has that many options???) and it did nothing. Don't even respond because I won't eve be able to figure out where to see where this topic is, probably. Just STOP THE EMAILS. SEE i GET SO MANY VIVALDI EMAILS i CAN'T GUESS WHETHER I'LL SEE RESPONSES TO THIS DESPERATE PLEA.

  • Go into your settings at the top right of the window. In there click notification settings and then turn E-mail to no.

    You may have to go through the list and change them all, my quick look did not reveal an override for the lot.


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