Trouble installing extensions (for VPN)

  • I go from the extensions page and click add more extensions. Which takes me to the Chrome Web Store. However when I try to install one, it gets aborted from some reason. I have no idea what is wrong. I seriously need some vpn extension. Th censorship laws in my country are about to harden so I need to solve this rather quickly. Let's just say that I'm not into anything illegal but I don't want the local Antifa or other nutjobs pay me a visit or out me in their media.

  • @Morningstar
    What extension(s) did you try to install - normally there shouldn't be a problem but there are a few extensions that aren't compatible or don't work too well with vivaldi.
    See -->

  • You can't install any extension or only some?
    If you are on win10 and latest major update (creator update) or on a insider build, probably is latest kb prevent extensions install - actually, this seems to be a random issue, I and few other users experienced this; most user doesn't experienced ever.
    If not on windows, ignore this 🙂
    Some VPNs don't work correctly, some other works. Try and see.

  • Hotspot Shield works fine in Vivaldi (Win 7)


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