Is there a way to change click boxes?

  • Title is vague, but what I mean is change the click boxes of the tabs for example. I would love if those would reach the top of the broswer windows instead of having a little space in between so that I can just drag my mouse quickly to the edge of the windows and still be able to click it. Same thing goes to when I'm watching youtube videos or twitch streams in full screen: when I want to quit it (the button is on the bottom left) I would like to drag the mouse all over to the edge and be able to click it. Instead it has some space in between the click box and the edge of the window.
    I would love to have this changed since it increases the flow so much.
    Don't know how much does it matter but I use Windows 7 64 bit (Full HD monitor 1920x1080)

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    @Tensai Settings, Tabs, Tab Options, Remove Tab Spacing in Maximized Windows.

  • @Pesala Wow! Much thanks man, really! Now there we are on it, is there a way to do the same for when I'm watching youtube videos on full screen? The close button is not on the edge (not as important, but still adds some flow to the browsing)

  • What flow?
    And if you are in youtube fullscreen, what buttons? Makes no sense. You should add exemplary images if you wanna get your point across.

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    @Tensai There are no tabs and no close button when watching fullscreen videos, nor when Vivaldi is in fullscreen mode (F11). Just use a command to close the tab (Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 are the defaults).

  • @luetage Work flow, browsing flow, whatever I'm doing. There is only one button to close out a fullscreen youtube video, so I didn't think it was needed to provide an image of it. Either way there you go 0_1499356780218_asdasdasd.jpg

  • @Tensai That's a youtube button, Vivaldi has nothing to do with it. Why are you posting this here????

  • @luetage Because the button is on the edge on every other browser I used so I think it might be Vivaldi's related. Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge... In all of them I can drag the mouse to the very edge and If I click it will still connect, but not in Vivaldi

  • I just tried in firefox, also there the youtube fullscreen toggle is NOT clickable on the lower right corner, exactly as in Vivaldi, you have to aim it correctly to make it work. In any case, esc exits full screen, F toggles full/normal screen. It takes more to reach the mouse and aim the button than using the keyboard, for me.

  • @iAN-CooG Strange.. I might be wrong about that one then. Opera which is my other browser is clickable. I know, I use keyboard a lot, but when I'm laying back, chilling and using only my mouse this would come in handy. Anyway, thank you all!

  • @Tensai If you mean just exiting the fullscreen you can just double click anywhere and you'll get out of fullscreen.


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