Compose mail window (webmail)

  • In Opera and Chrome, when I compose webmail, the form comes up in a separate, smaller window, in front of the page I'm on. In Vivaldi, the Compose button always results in a new tab instead. I've looked through the Settings (Startup, Appearance, Tabs) and can't find anything that gives me a new window instead of a tab -- am I looking in the wrong place or is this something I can't do? Thanks.

  • "Open popups in tab" is there in appereance, you're probably using an older Vivaldi version

  • I have that checked!0_1499346137549_popups in window.jpg

  • PS Update says I'm current (1.10.867.42)

  • Then, if you do NOT want them, guess what, you have to uncheck it.

  • @iAN-CooG Wow -- that worked! Who would have thought turning something off would turn it on! Thanks for the help. (Do you know if there's anyone I should point this anomaly out to?)

  • what? it's no anomaly at all.
    "popups in tabs" means exactly that, they are shown as tabs, else are shown as windows.

  • @iAN-CooG I see what you're saying. The instruction should have been more clear. I thought they meant "Open a pop-up window over the current tab, like a sign-in screen on a web page", when what it it actually means "open a new tab in a new instance of the browser".

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