Unable to minimize screen when I exit from Fullscreen Mode

  • I can't minimize Vivaldi when I exit the app from Fullscreen Mode on macOS 10.12.5. Steps to reproduce the issue:
    -Make Vivaldi fullscreen by clicking on the green button of the "traffic lights".
    -Make Vivaldi working on Split Screen with other apps
    -Exit fullscreen with the other app in Split Screen
    -Exit Vivaldi from fullscreen
    After that, I can't minimize it with the yellow button of minimize from macOS.
    Vivaldi version: 1.10.867.42 (Stable channel) (64 bits)

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    @impreza233 Thanks for the report and welcome to the Vivaldi community.

    This bug has actually been around in Vivaldi for as long as I can remember. FYI, you can reactivate the 'minimize' window control button by maximizing and then un-maximizing the window -- either double-tap on the tab/title bar or press the Option key while clicking on the green "traffic light." It seems like it should be a simple thing to fix but I believe the bug actually lies in a code module that Vivaldi did not write themselves.

  • @xyzzy Thanks for the response!!!


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