Problems with CSS

  • Recently started to have problem with CSS on visited my sites. For Example, YouTube:
    Bugged: 0_1499319063155_upload-9f9ada2b-0272-406a-a665-d31af02ebcc3
    Normal: 0_1499319087731_upload-adbc21e2-f13d-4e6d-9884-ce64e1080833
    Bugged: 0_1499319233080_upload-8f52a332-43e9-4cd0-a8c1-fe5fbba126f1
    Normal: 0_1499319309504_upload-e8b8587f-9cc6-4901-8797-69e16030978f
    I use stylish for some sites, but problems with styles was found and in page load of your forum, where stylish is not working (screenshots will not, because again the problem is not yet met).

    And yet, my main language of conversation is Russian, this text was translated from Russian into English on


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