Clicking on links with new tab option (href=_blank) and it's always opening empty tab and waiting for my click

  • Hello, MOST annoying bug in Vivaldi, let's say I going to open news site and I want to read 3 articles, I usually middle click on them and they are loading in background while I surf, with Vivaldi it behaves differently, for some reason it's opening new tab, I see it's not loading, just sitting and waiting for something, it can be 1-5 minutes wait and nothing happens until I click on the tab and after that it's triggering to load and loads slow, I really have to wait for all these DNS hookups, loading time and drawing time. I don't know about you guys, but in my eye, it's a huge bug, you all about speed and productivity and can't even pre-load tab in bg? Maybe there is some addon giving this glitch? Please help to solve it!
    Thank you.

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    @smbv My middle-clicks load in the background without waiting for me. They are loaded (or mostly loaded) when I open them.

  • Okay I assume it's my settings, I don't know where to look for them, something with DNS probably? How to check with extension doing it? Maybe uBlock?


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