Just noticed that the forum is having trouble loading a couple of threads over AJAX.

  • When I navigate to either 1. this thread or 2. its locked dupe by following a link from https://forum.vivaldi.net/recent or https://forum.vivaldi.net/user/maury22, the Forum's AJAX-loading of the threads throws an error:

    Oops! Internal Error. Sorry for the trouble, Oops! Looks like something went wrong! You can get in touch with us here.

    But if I hit refresh to force a complete page load, either threads shows up.

    (Link #1 above works for me from clicking from this thread, but #2 still throws the error.)

  • @Isildur

    Unfortunately, I do not know how to respond. This is a sadness, because I consider you one of the best of the donors of answers in these forums - if not the best - and I have had the gift of receiving, days behind, one your response very appreciated. I wish you to receive a response as good as the ones you can give.

  • @Quinca71 Thank you, but no user-provided solution is needed. This is a forum area is for letting staff know of observed bugs, and users can't fix those. (Sometimes a user suggests a temporary workaround for a bug, but none is needed in this case, as I already listed a workaround -- reloading the page.)

  • @Isildur

    OK, thank you for the response, even this, a demonstration of your qualities. As for me, I pay a tax for not being a technical user. But, predominantly subjective, well-minded, therefore, in risking a comment, this may be undue. As poker players say, pay to see. Intention is worth the risk.


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