Keyboard shortcuts for web-pages trigger browser shortcuts

  • This has also been mentioned in the following page, to some extent, but I think this discussion will generalize it to a correct level.
    Re: Keyboard shortcuts for web-pages trigger browser shortcuts instead!

    There are lots and lots of webapps that people use everyday and most of them have their own keyboard shortcut. so far Vivaldi is triggering the function on the website as well as calling the browser's shortcut simultaneously (at least up until version 1.9.818.50 that I use). This is very frustrating. I can turn off the keyboard shortcuts but I also need them to work with my browser as well!!

    Here are two easy examples:
    example 1:
    - open a document in Google Docs
    - type something and press Ctrl+f to find something in the document
    - you will be confused with two popping search bar

    example 2:
    - open a document in Rstudio server
    - type something and press Ctrl+s to save your code
    - now you are in trouble

    One easy fix would be to have a shortcut to disable (other) shortcuts from browser, much like the disable touchpad button we had on laptops before they develop the way to detect undesired touches.

    Correct fix would be to detect the shortcuts (listeners) the webpage has and stop triggering those on the browser.

  • @m.mahmoudian said in Keyboard shortcuts for web-pages trigger browser shortcuts:

    One easy fix would be to have a shortcut to disable (other) shortcuts from browser,

    That already exists, although no default is assigned.

    0_1499246349142_Disable Shortcuts.png

  • @Pesala Thanks, I set it to "Scroll Lock" since it is the least useful button in browser, but this is just a quick fix. I was hoping for some serious fix. Chrome for example does it automatically, so no extra effort is needed, user just need to be on that webapp to use those shortcuts.

  • hum, shouldn't be that shortcut a toggle? once disabled, you have to open the settings and re enable it.

  • @iAN-CooG If you mean the one that @Pesala mentioned, no it uses the same key stroke for enabling and disabling. but this is extra hassle since you should toggle it everytime you switch to another tab!

  • @m.mahmoudian not for me, once disabled, the same hotkey doesn't reactivate all other keyboard shortcuts. If it worked, then it's a regression in latest snapshot.

  • @iAN-CooG Confirmed. I submitted a bug report.

    (VB-29968) Regression: Shortcut to Allow All Keyboard Shortcuts No Longer Toggles On

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