how to make link open in same tab

  • I have gone over all the settings a number of times and I just can't seem to find out how to make a link open in the same tab instead of in a new tab. Surely, there must be a way; can someone clue me in on
    how to do it ?

  • @jim217 It's in the right-click context menu:


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    @jim217 All of my links open in the same tab, with no special settings or actions to make them do so - UNLESS the link is actually coded to open a new tab - in which case Steffie's solution above solves that.

    If, however, by "link" you are referring to a bookmark, then in Menu/Settings/Bookmarks there is a setting to turn on or off "Open Bookmarks in a New Tab."

  • @ Steffie & Ayespy,

    Thank you very much, I guess it was mainly that setting
    'Open bookmarks in a new tab' that I was looking for.
    I unchecked it and I like it better unchecked.

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