What makes a good RPG game?

  • I love type of RPG system as it allows me to make the character I want to play.recently,I found a game-hunter x hunter online just I like!It features a side-scrolling view of the gameplay and has Anime-style graphics with vivid colors, and beautiful special effects for each character’s unique set of skills and powers.I think it is good RPG game.But What makes a good RPG game?

  • That's hard to say. 'RPG' has become such a broad genre. Almost every game advertises that it has some 'RPG' elements, which usually involves some basic leveling of some type.

    I grew up with a NES and SNES, so a lot of my early RPG games were JRPGs like Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior games. Turn-based gameplay with a focus on story.

    Then I got a PC and played Arena and Daggerfall (the first two Elder Scrolls games). They're more real-time action gameplay but with a lot of character building.

    Then I spent a bit of time playing Diablo 2, which is more of an action game with some basic stats and skill trees.

    Now I think I prefer the old-school isometric turn-based RPGs, like the original Fallout and Avernum.

    I'm not really sure what the common thread is that makes a game a good RPG. I've enjoyed a lot of different types of RPG games.

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