Google Drive connected app not working

  • (I tried to report the following bug using the form at the bottom of the Vivaldi home page but was blocked from submitting it.)

    Summary of the bug:

    When I go to my Google Drive account and try to open a simple text file using Drive Notepad (the third-party app which created it) Vivaldi 1.6 and higher will not open it, producing only a blank tab with no URL in the address bar.

    (Note: Drive Notepad is not a Vivaldi app or extension; it is an app connected to Google Drive.)

    To reproduce the bug:
    a. Access a Google Drive account with Vivaldi 1.6 or higher.
    b. go to a text file that was created with the third-party app, Drive Notepad.
    c. right click on the file and select "Open With" and click on Drive Notepad.

    What did you expect:
    I expected the text file to open.

    What actually happened:
    What I got was a blank tab and an empty address bar.


    1. The problem is not just with Drive Notepad; it occurs with other third-party apps. It also occurs with other text files.

    2. This problem does not occur with other browsers, e.g. Firefox and Chrome, under my distribution (Knoppix 7.4.2).

    3. This problem does not occur with other browsers on other distributions, e.g., Opera and Chromium on Ubuntu, Chrome on ChromeOS, Konqueror under Debian 8.

    4. This problem does occur with Vivaldi 1.6 or higher on other distributions.

    5. I can create and save a file with Drive Notepad; I just cannot go back and reopen it with Drive Notepad.

    6. And finally: When Drive Notepad opens the file under Vivaldi 1.2, in the address bar there is a URL for the app with an id in hex for the file. (Google calls this id a "sharable link.") If I copy all this into the address bar of Vivaldi 1.6, the file opens as it should. And if I replace the id for the file with the id for a different text file, that file will also open properly.

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