[SOLVED] - Pandora stops playing

  • Hi guys,

    Since Vivaldi 1.10 was released, I'm experiencing issues when playing Pandora. The thing is that songs play normally, but when one track ends, the next one doesn't start. I've tested same thing in incognito mode (all plugins off) and the same problem occurs. However, everything is fine when using Chrome and Firefox.

    The issue is occurring to me only in Windows 7. It doesn't happen to me in GNU/Linux though. It's very weird, but I noticed the issue right after upgrading Vivaldi from 1.9 to 1.10. At the beginning I thought it was a glitch, but it's happening all the time since.

    I don't know if this fix is related, who knows:

    • [Media][Windows] Audio stops playing after a while VB-29546

    I hope you find a solution shortly, because it's a pretty annoying bug! :spider:

    Thank you! ;-)

  • I am experiencing the same issue. I believe I had to install the Flash addin to get Pandora to work previously. I checked the Flash settings in vivaldi://settings/content/flash but still no bueno. Im on a Mac running Sierra 10.12

  • This also happens to me. I'm using OSX 10.11.6 and I get the one-song-then-stop behavior. making me keep a chrome process hanging around to use this so that's a bummer...

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    @fool said in Pandora stops playing:

    I'm using OSX 10.11.6

    But this is a Windows thread and the problems with video streams on Windows are not comparable to MacOS issues.

    I will move the thread.

    I hope the Mac issues with video will be fixed in upcoming 1.11 Stable or next 1.11 Snapshot.
    Developer is working on it, fixes are in progress.

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    @Musikolo Vvialdi on Windows 7 has some unfixed video issues.
    I hope that will be fixed in upcoming 1.11 Stable or next 1.11 Snapshot.
    Developers are working on it and most bug fixes are in progress.

  • @Gwen-Dragon, that's great news!

    Looking forward to getting Vivaldi 1.11 released! ;-)

  • @Gwen-Dragon, as you anticipated, the issues I was experiencing with Pandora are gone. I've been listening to music for a while and everything looks back to normal to me.

    Vivaldi Team, great job! ;-)

    Thank you! :sunglasses:

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