[Bug Report] Locks FPS of steam games to 60FPS.

  • I have been using this browser for a while and I noticed this bug that just destroys all games I play.
    So I have 2 monitors, and one of them is 144Hz. When I turn on Vivaldi (Only this browser), then put it on my 2nd monitor (60Hz), If I watch YouTube while playing a game, my game will cap at 60fps.

    To try to fix this I turned off Hardware acceleration, and still nothing. I put it on my main monitor (144Hz), and boom I get 250fps. I put it back on the 2nd monitor (60Hz with YouTube still running), and now its back to locked at 60fps (the steam game).

    Does anybody know a fix for this? I love Vivaldi too much to uninstall it.

  • I've no idea about steam, but start trying to deactivate settings/appereance/use animation. That's the main problem when watching Youtube 60fps videos.

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