Cannot edit mouse gestures

  • I run Vivaldi 1.10 stable -64-bit in Windows 7 with GeForce 315 graphic card
    I can add a new mouse gesture, but I cannot edit anyone.
    Clicking "edit" , prompts me to record a new gesture pattern in the red frame box, but trying a new gesture , nothing happens at all. Except, when I try an old gesture pattern in the frame , the related command is performed.
    Looks like, as the red frame box doesn't exist at all.

  • Moderator

    @Alex5 When defining the gesture you must hold the left mouse button, otherwise, as you found it executes the mouse gesture. If the gesture is already in use, you have to define a new one.

  • Well, I had to draw the new pattern with the LEFT click button, never mind, a bit confusing!


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