Shouldn't nicknaming a folder allow opening all bookmarks in it via Quick Command?

  • I'm tempted to say this is a bug 🙂

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    It works for me: both from the URL field and from the Quick Commands dialogue.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • Snapshot 1.11.890.4 (64-bit)

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    It opens all bookmarks, but not the folders and bookmarks in a deeper folder tree.

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  • @Pesala @Gwen-Dragon You're right, it works :). I was using an old version on my other computer. Now if only they could fix the "open immediately" feature so that I can have 2 nicknames starting with the same letter. Currently, because it opens bookmarks immediately as I press the first letter of the nickname, if I have 2 nicknames that start with the same letter, the browser will always choose the single letter one: for example I have "g" and "gh" but I will never be able to open "gh" with the current settings because the browser doesn't wait for me to type "h". I already posted this as a feature request but I'm typing it here because you gurus might know something 🙂

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    @Axonn In Settings, Quick Commands, disable "Open on Nickname Match."

  • @Pesala That's the thing. I don't want that :). I want to IMMEDIATELY open at nickname match, but for the browser to be smart enough to realize when there are choices in the nickname. Let's say I have the following nicknames:


    Typing A -> opens A immediately
    Typing B -> waits for <enter> or typing C. Typing C (so BC) opens BC immediately.
    Typing C -> waits for <enter> or typing U. Typing U does nothing since there is no bookmark called "CU". Typing D opens CUD immediately.

    I'm aware this is mostly "nit picking" :). I have at least 40 easily reachable buttons on my keyboard and just about 20 websites that I really want quick access to so I'm fine. But yeah, usability-wise, I would prefer some more intelligence from the browser, especially as this request is not that difficult to code (I'm a software engineer).

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    @Axonn Even so, it's not difficult. Just don't assign any single-key nicknames. Look at my keyboard shortcuts for Opera 12.17. I can launch a dozen programs beginning with "p"

    0_1499183784766_Single-key Shortcuts.png

  • I want single key nicknames 😃 . But ok ok, as I said, I'm nit-picking a bit here. But it should be that hard to accomplish. Maybe in Vivaldi 18 😃 .


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