Bank brokerage issue

  • When I try to go to brokerage details at my by I get an error message saying "our systems is currently unavailable...." and logs me off. I had installed v1.10 and thought it might have to do with that but going back to 1.9 didn't make any difference.

    I can successfully use Chrome and Firefox.

    I know Yahoo has started rejecting Vivaldi, are banks doing that too?

  • Yahoo sometimes has issue with vivaldi - I had on 1.9, but then, disabling adblocker, worked.

    If you suspect your bank is blacklisting vivaldi, you could try to fool them, using the chrome/firefox user agent

    Other things that can cause issues:

    • 3rd party cookies/javascript off (some sites needs them);
    • Adblocker/script blocker enabled on site (disable if you have that).

    Knowing what bank site is could help in case some user/dev/mod has their account here - or if they can test it in some way.

  • @Hadden89

    I've installed the user agent changer but find it incovenient since I have to change it every time I go the to bank or Yahoo.

    I'm not as concerned about Yahoo. I rarely go to the web site so starting up Chrome or Firefox or using the user agent extension is OK.

    The bank issue is the major issue. I contacted the bank and all I was told was "we don't support Vivaldi, try Chrome, Firefox, or Edge". No help from them. I did ask why all of a sudden when it was working and now they don't support Vivaldi and the support person couldn't give me an answer.

  • @DrWho2 So, with chrome user agent it works...
    Ok, so probably it's a site fault which blacklist vivaldi for no reason (chrome and vivaldi share the same engine).
    Do a bug report with these infos, so devs can try to fix vivaldi detection.

    This other extension for user agent should allow to use chrome user agent only in the sites which do you have issues.

  • I'm convinced this started because of a change at the bank. However, I've played around with Vivaldi settings more and by unchecking 3rd party cookies everything works in Vivaldi. I'll work with it some more to be sure.

    I find it odd that I could use the bank's banking side (checking, savings) but not the brokerage side.

  • @Hadden89 Thanks for the other user agent. I'll try that too. I'll also report it after I confirm the 3rd party cookie setting.

  • @DrWho2 Yes, some legit sites tend to be broken without 3rd party cookies.


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