Please, make bookmarks access from main menu and option to block popup windows

  • Hello, please consider about making bookmarks access more fast and easy, just like in good old Opera. I don't want side panel to be shown and it is always disabled for me in old Opera I wasn't need to click on button to first show side panel I wasn't need to click on bookmarks button to show another panel that leads to loaded page resize I wasn't need to close side panel again to stop it occupying browser space. That's kind of uncomfortable. 4 steps. In old Opera I could simply click on Bookmarks menu item in upper menu and choose any bookmark I want, that is fast and easy. 2 steps. [attachment=708]opera_bookmarks.png[/attachment] Also, please make options to control popup windows (new windows or whatever it is). Those were always disabled by me in old Opera, so I never saw any junk marketing popups and I were clicking on notice about blocked popup only when it were really needed. Now that popups freely doing whatever they want. Another good thing to implement is to delete files cache, so it will not occupy disk space with files from visited pages. In Opera it were called "Delete private data". Thank you. I hope this become a great browser. Attachments: [img][/img]


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