Option of opening a new tab [via right-click] without switching into the new tab

  • I didn't see this option under "tabs" in settings. This was something I really enjoyed with Google Chrome, and I think it would be extremely useful to add to Vivaldi.

  • Moderator

    @Muckmouth You have made this request in the Vivaldi Forum Requests area (which is for requests about the community software, not the browser), rather than the Vivaldi Brower/All Platforms/Feature Requests area, so I'm moving it.

    The feature you are asking for is the second item in the context menu (right-click menu). To have the option to move it to the top of the menu as in some other browsers, has been requested several times. You may enter or upvote it in the thread for the next Stable version (in this same category) if you wish.

    As it stands, you can open in a new background tab using the context menu as I mentioned, or using middle-click on the link, or ctrl-click on the link, or you may customize a mouse gesture for it if you would like. Later, the context menu may be made editable.

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