Too many crashes on Mac OS 10 Sierra

  • Love the look of Vivaldi but far too many crashes for it to be taken seriously as competition for Safari and Firefox. Developers really need to look at V's stability before it gains traction in the Mac world. I'll keep doing the software updates and check on its stability, with hope! I won't give up on V but please fix the stability issues.

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    @johnarmstrong Hi. Welcome to the Vivaldi community! Rest assured that Vivaldi takes any and all crashes very seriously.

    The only common Vivaldi crash that I'm currently aware of occurs on sites serving HTML5 video. It affects Mac's whose GPU's have been blacklisted by the Chromium developers, and there have been several discussion threads opened recently discussing the problem, along with workarounds to stop the crash from occurring. The Vivaldi team has also successfully reproduced the crash in their test environment so hopefully we'll see a fix for this issue soon.

    If you're running into a completely different issue, please feel free to post additional information here and we'll do our best to help. You can also file a bug report at:

    Thanks very much for your patience!

  • Not exaggerating and have no interest or benefit from defending the devs, but I'm running Sierra as well as the latest Vivaldi beta snapshot, and have been since at least mid-April, and can count the crashes I've experienced on one hand.

  • Just as a quick troubleshooting advice and as someone who has no trouble running Vivaldi (current release) on macOS Sierra 10.12.5 on 3 separate Macs, try running Vivaldi in a fresh user account. It's a bit of a hassle, but just as a troubleshooting measure.

  • Thank you all for your replies. I will persevere with it. Cheers, John

  • I use this as my main browser on both my WIndows machine at work and my Mac at home.

    With this latest update, the browser crashes all the time. I mean...ALL THE TIME. If there is a way to revert to the previous version.. please let me know because as of right now. This is unusable.

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    @tablazines Vivaldi on the Mac is actually pretty stable with the huge exception of a crash that's occurring on some sites when GPU hardware acceleration is disabled, either intentionally (within chrome://settings) or if your GPU has been blacklisted by the Chromium developers. The following topic has some more details:

    Re-enabling hardware acceleration or overriding the GPU blacklist should stop the crash from occurring until Vivaldi can release a proper fix to VB-29200.

    If this doesn't stop the crash, you're likely running into a completely different issue. Please let us know if that's the case and we'll again do our best to help.

  • Do we have an ETA on a fix for this yet? Since the first version of 1.10, Vivaldi has been 100% unusable on my MacBook Pro. Any site with an HTML5 video on it will consistently crash 100% of the time. The browser will then go into a crash loop that can only be fixed by deleting and and restoring the old 1.9 version from the trash. Now, I have not been able to play video on Vivaldi for months, but it actually only started crashing with 1.10.

    I do have a Mac with Intel HD Graphics 3000 as its integrated solution, which is apparently particularly troublesome. So, I forced my MBP to use its dedicated AMD Radeon 6490M GPU and it still consistently crashes.

    To compare, when I try to play the same video on vanilla Chromium 59, there is just a blank placeholder where the video player should be. It does not show up and it does not play, but the browser does not crash either. Chrome 59 works perfectly fine.

    I did try overriding the GPU blacklist, but again, the same thing happens no matter what I enable or disable. I am starting to think that I have a completely separate issue, but cannot be sure. I've gone back to Firefox in the mean time, with the hopes that I can eventually get this fixed.

  • I would also like to add that each time this happens, it says that the issue is due to a crashed thread named "Chrome_IOThread".

    The Console app has a bunch of crash logs saved in it from each time this happens. If the Vivaldi developers might find this useful, please let me know and I will send them. If not, that's okay too. :)

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    @Shrinra Thanks for the update. FYI, the crash still occurs on my Mac if I override the blacklist but disable hardware acceleration in the Chrome settings. As far as I've been able to figure out, the key to working around this issue and preventing the crash is to ensure that GPU hardware acceleration is enabled.

    Please have a look at vivaldi://gpu to verify your status.

    I hope this helps...

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