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  • Wondering if can be implemented some anti spam filter (using regex, maybe?) which auto flags common spam threads and move them in a different section, eg: "flagged as spam".
    If they are legit, can be brought back then 😛

  • Moderator

    User with low or negative reputation are blocked between posts.
    I agree, that some spam protect filter for the forum could be better.

    Using a Regex for filters? Not easy enough to do so. And not reachable for Mods.
    And how to filter post from non-latin languages?

  • Auto-mark as spam non-latin threads when they're made out the local non-latin forum sections (and viceversa) could help with that but I don't know if it can have a negative impact on users or mods. (not very applicable).
    A kind of spam plugin for nodeBB which can be tweaked by devs/mods.
    Push out the reported spam threads from the forum flow, will be nice too.
    But again, I don't know if the platform allow that.

  • @Hadden89 But this would be a problem when - lets say a japanese guy - comes to the international (english) forum to ask for help and posts a website that contains non-latin charackters to check if we have the same problem as him.

  • @zaibon True. I forgot non latins usually use both alphabets.
    Probably, this is a better way to proceed.


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