How do I copy windows favourites to Linux bookmarks

  • Hi All, I have been using Vivaldi in windows 10 and really started to dislike it so I installed Linux Mint instead, without boring you all I made a fresh install and wiped windows (realising now what a mistake that was as I am a novice) anyway I was please to see vivaldi for linux as I had copied my favourites onto a usb stick now want to copy them to the bookmarks but something tells me that is not going to happen ...... would be pleased if someone knows different and would kindly share their wisdom in this area ..... thanks for reading this regardless.
    cheers Len

  • @len G'day Len. Yes you can transfer/copy your ex-Win Bookmarks, History, Current & Last Tabs, Current & Last Sessions, Notes, Custom Dictionary, Favicons, ... [& a few more things too (which we can come back to later if you like), but this will start you off for now] into your new Mint profile. See my pic below; if you copy [with your V closed] your versions of my selected files from your USB stick, to your new Mint Vivaldi profile [eg, your path would be /home/len/.config/vivaldi-snapshot/Default if you did a standard installation], overwriting the current files [if an unimportant virgin installation, otherwise back them up if you still want them], then relaunch V... you should see your stuff again. Oh, adjust that path to suit if you're using Stable not Snapshot.


    PS: Congrats for graduating from Win into the glorious Linux multiverse :-)

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