• Re: Sticky Password

    I agree that we need support for StickyPass. It does fill in my passwords most of the time, but clicking on the addon button does not bring up the StickyPassword menu like it should.

    Your support team should get with stickypass and resolve this small issue. Folks that have paid $150 for a password manager are lot likely to switch to an unsupported browser. It would be a win-win for both StickyPass and Vivaldi, At this point, I'm afraid that it is a deal breaker for this user.

  • Moderator

    @The_Boss Rather a corner case - but I don't think the devs will ignore it entirely. Did you report a bug?

  • Well I temporarily disabled an ad blocker, eventually re enabled it.
    What do you know, StickyPassword is working perfectly now. So far so good.


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