Avatar Image Specification

  • Some uploaded images render well as avatars and others do not. What is the recommended specification?

  • I guess the minimum is 180 x 180 pixels.

  • I uploaded mine as 160px :D

    In some places the avatar image is displayed with 172px (profile page) in others 144px (forums) and may be there is even a 3rd or 4th size.

    May be finding out all of the sizes and using the one with the lowest common denominator for upload could give a good result on average because it could help to avoid rounding errors caused by scaling.

    … or the forum and blog layout could be changed in a way that all avatars use the same size or use only even factors like 2, 4, 50% or 25%

  • I also uploaded mine as 160px. I thought that was standard at the time…

    It's showing on this forum and the user profile at 180x180

    Thanks for pointing this out. We'll have to look into it.

  • 180px in the forums?
    It seems you get other code than I get:

    ![QuHno's Avatar](https://vivaldi.net/media/com_easysocial/avatars/users/310/0e96d2cfe91574d06571f60ac70b2c1c_large.png)

    Screenshots confirm the different sizes:

  • I meant actual image size is 180px × 180px. But yes, I also see them scaled to 144px × 144px.

  • Oh, you meant the raw image size? Yes, 180px.

    I misunderstood it. Sorry.

  • Excellent inquiry. I thought of asking about this very subject myself.

    I believe my Avatar is 100 x 100. Consequently, not good for when used in the giant version in the Profile page or here in the Forums.

    Shouldn't there be just one Avatar size instead of the around 4 different sizes that get used around Vivaldi?

    And BTW, why have that giant Avatar obstructing the view of the Header in the Profile page? I mean, right now having that Header is the only micro semblance of having any Blog customization … and it is obstructed by the giant Avatar.

  • MyOpera had pretty small avatars, I tried to use mine from there here and it looked terrible (plus they de-animated it). Wanting to keep much the same avatar as I've used for … almost 10 years now (for a couple of years I just used a generic avatar) ... I loaded it into Irfanview, scaled it up, then tried a couple of effects to remove the blockyness caused by upscaling it so much.

    Yes, the native size is 180x180, scaled in the HTML to some smaller size. Anything you upload will be resized to 180x180, so (until they change it) that is the size you should upload. Uploading a 144x144 image will probably not give good results, as it will be resized twice and hence may not look like your original even if it is shown at the same size.

  • @sgunhouse:

    MyOpera had pretty small avatars, (…)

    I would fully support smaller avatars for the normal screen view here too, IMHO it looks nicer than those blocky colorful things.

    I changed it to this size in the userCSS I use for this forum:

  • Out of curiosity, just exactly where are you inserting this CSS Code?
    AND … if you can do that, wouldn't you also be able to customize your Blog?

  • I "insert" it in the userCSS folder of my browser set it in the site specific settings as user-stylesheet for this site :D

    … and no, it is not possible to overwrite the surrounding styles of the blog from inside of the content area i.e. from where we write the posts/articles.

  • Oh okay. I thought maybe you knew of some CSS Code Box like the one on MyOpera.

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