New changes in latest snapshot

  • In the latest snapshot the background color of hovered items in the addressbar has such low contrast, that they could have as well removed it. It depends on the theme you are using, but on most themes you can't make out the hover without actively concentrating on it.

    Here is a workaround if you'd like to return it to the way it used to be:

    .toolbar-addressbar .button-toolbar:hover, .toolbar-addressbar .button-toolbar:active, 
    .color-behind-tabs-on .toolbar-addressbar .button-toolbar.browserAction-button:hover {
    	background-color: var(--colorBgDarker);

    Oh, and please let me know if you found other changes similar to this one.

  • I simply use these two to have an hover on all toolbar buttons (and vivaldi one). Don't know if resources names are changed in snapshot.

    .button-toolbar:hover, .vivaldi-addressbar:hover {
      filter: hue-rotate(90deg);

    Probably will work with background-color too...

  • @Hadden89 I decided to go with the flow and made the other hovers that are custom barely visible too. There are overall too many places where it has changed. Personally I don't think following through with this makes too much sense. And who knows, maybe Vivaldi will revert it anyway. Could be they are just testing out options at the moment -- I'll wait and see.

  • Yes, the reason as now I keep mods only on the stable (which usually use) and keep the snapshot without any mod.
    Proably I'll put mods in browser.htm/custom.css at the next round: I'd miss them, as I miss the speedial geometry 😞


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