New Speed Dial button options, Linux 32-bit is back – Snapshot 1.11.890.4

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    @iAN-CooG I shouldn't think so, but we will see.

  • @Aronand win7 32bit, videos apart Youtube are being unusable on most sites since 1.10 snapshots. As said in the linked forum thread, I've made a quite extensive report as VB-29257

  • Dear Vivaldi Team,

    I am willing to trade you a bunch of local type of sweets/cookies in exchange for information: will UI and URL Field get way more speed improvements? Current state of this two things is a deal breaker for me.


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    @darzki: You can expect to see performance improvements pretty much everywhere over time, exactly when I can't say tho. Not the clearest answer, so you can keep the sweets/cookies for a rainy day 🙂

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    @ian-coog: Thanks!

  • I certainly appreciate the effort and the solution, but it is a lot more work than I want to put into making speed dial links that look the way I want. Personally, I'm a fan of the way Opera handles them, and gives you either an image from the page or puts the title into a large font, and uses the colors from the web page. Still, we'll see where time takes us. Thanks for all of your efforts!

  • Happy to hear about the return of the support for linux 32 bit, thank you so much to the development team! 🙂

  • The audio on TED Talks webstie which I opened from the builtin speed dial page is so fast. I could not listen to anything. Audio running very fast. Can any one confirm?


    Vivaldi 1.11.890.4 (Official Build) (32-bit)
    Revision b59976a912279d9a89261a23da2159400e8a40d4
    OS Windows

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    @nellaiseemai DANG!! No kidding! Please file a bug report.

  • Thanks for a very nice build, and for the return of 32b Linux !
    Can you share what wasn't working ?

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    @Cqoicebordel Per the changelog, it would not compile. "Compile/link failures in Official Linux 386." Chrome dumped Linux 32 support last year, and now Chromium has done so as well. The only way Vivaldi will be able to continue support is to patch every Chromium version and monitor/edit their compilers for each new version that comes out. For now, this seems doable. One cannot say for how long that might continue to be the case.

  • Not 1st, but 31st! Seamless installation, thanks for another update.
    Looking forward to testing, and appreciation for all the hard work you do on our behalf to make browsing a more personal and customisable experience

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    @nellaiseemai I can't even get the video to play on my Mac. Works fine in Safari, Firefox, Chrome...

  • @ian-coog: I got the video you linked to (cat watching a thunderstorm) which played fine, but after the video finished and the next video thumbnails came up the audio from the video started playing back again-odd, Win 10

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    @Aronand Nice to hear this reassurance. One area I hope for a lot of speed improvement is creating bookmark folders and adding bookmarks. When there are a lot of bookmarks this is a sloooooooow process. Creating a bookmark folder takes 3 seconds and dropping a bookmark into it takes a full 4-5 seconds. When I move my bookmark file to a faster machine the process is faster but still laggy compared to O12. In O12 manipulating bookmark folders and bookmarks was instant. I hope this comes to Vivaldi sooner than later. I'll have a truckload of cookies ready for you all if this happens.

  • Hopefully, you guys care somewhat about the list of requests on the official forum thread. There's too many important ones that are being ignored. I'm saying this because it's amazing how many redundant options make it in, while others are left out.

  • @ayespy: Thanks for that reminder. It does mean that one has to remember that what is called Update Thumbnail when the buttons are available is called Reload in the right-click menu. But maybe that's determined by the OS? Having just tried it out on one rarely used button, I'd love to see an Undo option as the button concerned went from unexceptionable ordinariness to deep and gloomy black - meaning that it now clashes aesthetically with the rest of the SD!
    Can we expect, one day (no hurry!) that we can set some buttons to update themselves every now and then, and others not??
    Also, to take @duarte.framos's idea further, couldn't we have something similar for the main Close Vivaldi 'x'. We don't all have machines that will load Vivaldi in three seconds. (Sorry to go on about that, though you won't believe the first word of this sentence. I'll shut up now.)

  • @xyzzy Yes. very strange. After reading your message I am checking TED Talk page, video is not playing.


  • coool! thanks!

  • As i reviewed the Settings to familiarise myself with applicable new changes, i was struck yet again [by my reckoning, the umpteenth + seventh time (& that's antipodean metric, btw)] by the thought that... this browser & its Devs are so stunningly awesome! I mean, how damn good is it that we have sooooo much "finessibility" with this marvellous gaggle of 1s & 0s. Once again, thanks heaps to Jon & Devs & entire V-Team.

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